Oxenfree is where all the somewheres you’ve been searching for come together to make your perfect home.


Live somewhere


Live somewhere built with you in mind.

We believe that a home shouldn’t lock you into a certain kind of life. It should free you to explore new possibilities. Oxenfree neighborhoods empower that freedom and flexibility. Our leasing model gives you the benefits of a purpose built single family rental home (PBSFR ™), without the long term commitment of a purchase. And our eclectic mix of housing gives the perfect place to live no matter where you are in your life.


Live somewhere you feel you belong.

Oxenfree neighborhoods are built at a human scale to let vibrant communities naturally emerge. Everything is walkable and there are plenty of public spaces that draw people together, gathering and connecting. When you live somewhere like that, incredible things happen. Neighbors welcome each other into their lives. New relationships form. New perspectives emerge. New experiences are shared.


Live somewhere true to itself.

Oxenfree home designs are inspired by the genius of their place. Rooted in local culture, they celebrate the landscape, history, and influences that shaped them. That story connects you with the irreplicable identity of where you live. It’s what gives a place the character and backbone that make you proud to call it home.


Live somewhere designed to inspire.

Most subdivisions are static, sterile and isolated places to live. A series of bland buildings that repeat until the space is filled. Oxenfree neighborhoods are designed to inspire. They’re built with a holistic masterplan to feel like a small city—interconnected, activated and alive. And each home is thoughtfully designed with a modern, timeless and elevated aesthetic.


Live somewhere you expect the best.

Oxenfree puts hospitality at the heart of the resident experience. Our neighborhoods are filled with modern conveniences and world-class amenities. Smart technology makes it simple to connect with staff and service partners. And fun Lifestyle events—from breakfasts to wine tastings—give you new things to try every day. It’s a heartfelt approach that makes life easier, healthier, and more fulfilling.


couple cooking together in home kitchen

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close up of blue cabinet doors with long gold handles

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two ladies raising a toast of the edge of a rooftop patio

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clean white bathroom with wooden floors and accents

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a family of plastic pink flamingos on a lawn

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Renting never
looked this good.

Purpose-built single-family rentals (PBSFR ™) align with a changing mindset that spans generations. From starter homes of today to the desire to live a maintenance free lifestyle, Oxenfree was made to give you a new path forward, with more flexibility and innovative ways to live your best.

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